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XFilesharing Pro 3.4 has been released

#1 Postby admin » Nov 13, 2023 10:36 am

Good news, everyone!

We just released XFilesharing Pro 3.4! It's already available for download in your client area and we just updated demo site https://xfilesharing.com.

Feel free to send your feedback via ticket system.

Here's what's new:

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3.4 (November 2023)
! Perl 5.34 and 5.36 support
! MySQL 8 compatibility improvements
! Premium Plus plans support
! Cloudflare R2 support
! Servers throughput monitoring in Admin Servers area (Advanced download mod)
! Permalinks generation support
+ Upgraded Advanced download mod core to Nginx 1.25.2
+ FTP APPE support (FTP mod)
+ Added Admin Transactions and Admin Whitelist pages
+ Recaptcha V3 support
+ Google Analytics V4 support
+ Preserve uploader IP for background-mode remote URL uploads
+ Sort mode is now preserved after navigating through My Files paging
+ Uploaders can now be assigned to specific servers
+ Switched Reseller API authentication mode to key-based for the security purposes (Resellers mod)
+ Account password-based API authentication is now only allowed from whitelisted IPs
+ Old sessions are now getting deleted after password change
+ Require by-email confirmation for login attempts coming from unusual countries
+ Improved fileserver randomization during web uploads
+ Fixed dangling files problem after transfer cancel on multidrive fileservers configurations
+ Added uploads field in My Reports detalization
+ Chunked uploader support in embed upload form
+ Anti-debrid area security improvements
+ 3DSnappy support (Payment gateways mod)
+ SMTP settings are now available in Admin Settings area
+ SMTP XOAUTH2 authentication support to avoid less secure apps deprecation problems with Gmail
+ Improved cross-fileserver transfer reliability
+ S3 multipart upload support for handling files larger than 5 GB (CDN mod)
+ Fixed S3 transfers from multidrive fileservers configurations (CDN mod)
+ Improved server-to-server and CDN-to-server transfer reliability
+ Server ID fixup support in DB-to-File checker