XFileSharing Pro - XFilesharing Pro 3.4 has been released

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XFilesharing Pro 3.4 has been released

#1 Postby admin » Nov 13, 2023 10:36 am

Good news, everyone!

We just released XFilesharing Pro 3.4! It's already available for download in your client area and we just updated demo site https://xfilesharing.com.

Feel free to send your feedback via ticket system.

Here's what's new:

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3.4 (November 2023)
! Perl 5.34 and 5.36 support
! MySQL 8 compatibility improvements
! Premium Plus plans support
! Cloudflare R2 support
! Servers throughput monitoring in Admin Servers area (Advanced download mod)
! Permalinks generation support
+ Upgraded Advanced download mod core to Nginx 1.25.2
+ FTP APPE support (FTP mod)
+ Added Admin Transactions and Admin Whitelist pages
+ Recaptcha V3 support
+ Google Analytics V4 support
+ Preserve uploader IP for background-mode remote URL uploads
+ Sort mode is now preserved after navigating through My Files paging
+ Uploaders can now be assigned to specific servers
+ Switched Reseller API authentication mode to key-based for the security purposes (Resellers mod)
+ Account password-based API authentication is now only allowed from whitelisted IPs
+ Old sessions are now getting deleted after password change
+ Require by-email confirmation for login attempts coming from unusual countries
+ Improved fileserver randomization during web uploads
+ Fixed dangling files problem after transfer cancel on multidrive fileservers configurations
+ Added uploads field in My Reports detalization
+ Chunked uploader support in embed upload form
+ Anti-debrid area security improvements
+ 3DSnappy support (Payment gateways mod)
+ SMTP settings are now available in Admin Settings area
+ SMTP XOAUTH2 authentication support to avoid less secure apps deprecation problems with Gmail
+ Improved cross-fileserver transfer reliability
+ S3 multipart upload support for handling files larger than 5 GB (CDN mod)
+ Fixed S3 transfers from multidrive fileservers configurations (CDN mod)
+ Improved server-to-server and CDN-to-server transfer reliability
+ Server ID fixup support in DB-to-File checker

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Re: XFilesharing Pro 3.4 has been released

#2 Postby Ryoma9x » Mar 17, 2024 4:11 pm

Some of the main shortcomings I found were that the "file copy" feature has not been rigorously tested. Users can use the file copy feature and go beyond the user plan's limited capacity. Hope it will be fixed soon