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Dear existing and potential customers. In order to save our and your time, please follow rules below if you experiencing any problems with the script and wish to get help from us:

1) First of all, use forum search. 70% of problems were already discussed on this forum. It's a good way to solve your problem fast.

2) If problem is not urgent, post it on forum. We checking forum messages every day. Also, there are good chances that someone could give you solution. We have very smart and helpful forum members.

3) If you still didnt solved your problem or you have urgent problem which require immediate attention, email to [email protected]. We usually respond not later than during 24hrs (except weekends, sorry).


Here's our support policy regarding xfilesharing and other products:

1. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION SERVICE. Usually we need FTP and mySQL connection in order to install it. But please note, that we provide such service only once. If you changed server, broken something, etc - you have to pay installation fee $29.

2. BUGS. Of course we will fix any bug for free and will thank you if you will find one. But first of all, please make sure that it's bug and not your server or your personal mistake.

3. VERSION UPDATES. We provide script update service, but such service cost $30 per server (discount apply in case of several servers at once).

4. ADDITIONAL FEATURES. If you need something more than existing product provides - you can order custom development service. Custom development service cost is $30 per hour.

5. DOMAIN CHANGE. If you want to change domain name in your license - that will cost $30. Please also note that you will have to stop using script on old domain name, as you can't use one license on 2 different domains.

Please help us make our products better by saving our time spent on support - please read manuals.


1. Be polite

2. Use search before posting your problem

3. Do not bump threads

4. Advertising of non-xfilesharing sites is not allowed here

5. Any commercial activity is prohibited on this forum

6. No job offers / requests allowed

7. Official forum language is English

SibSoft Team