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1.Accessing Transmission web interface
2.Adding a new language
3.Adding extra disk to the system
4.Attach XFileSharing account directly to OS (WebDrive mod)
5.Backing up XFileSharingPro
6.Disable download resuming for free users (Nginx)
7.Editing the templates
8.Extending the Filename/Description in "My Files" page.
9.FAQ for :: MP4 Encoding Mod
10.How do I change my default 404 page?
11.How do I change the additional pages URL structure?
12.How do I change the logo in the desktop uploader?
13.How do I get deleted file reports to send?
14.How do I test a layout without showing it live to visitors (or set multiple layouts for visitors)?
15.How to allow users to copy your files in to their own accounts.
16.How to change download button from text to image ?
17.How to embed MP3 songs on Facebook
18.How to enable "Subscription/Recurring" Payments?
19.Is the free installation provided?
20.Leeching from XFileSharing-powered sites
21.Limiting the number of paid downloads from the same IP
22.Migrating the main server
23.Migrating to another domain
24.MP4 Mod :: How to "Seek, Rewind, Forward" videos ?
25.MP4 Mod :: What Modules are required for "File-Servers" ?
26.Running site under HTTPS
27.Securing your server
28.Setting up a development server
29.Setting up DMCA removal system
30.The basics on server back-ups (Main Site & File Servers)
31.Transfering all files from one file server to another
32.Tutorial: How to add a new custom .html page on your site
33.Tutorial: How to block Proxy Services, Server Exploiters and other bad servers
34.Tutorial: How to install additional file servers on XFileSharing Pro
35.Tutorial: How to play uploaded MP3 files in Facebook
36.Tutorial: How to replace comments system with Facebook or Disqus comments
37.Tutorial: Moving to another hoster
38.Upgrading from a legacy version
39.Using 3rd-party S3-compatible service providers
40.Using Cloudflare with XFileSharing (v.2.2 - v.2.5.1)
41.Using Cloudflare with XFileSharing (v.3.0+)
42.Using GMail for outcoming messages
43.Using Wasabi S3
44.What are 'IP2Files'? How often should I clear them?
45.Why do these '( ) [ ] $' symbols become '_' {underscores} on uploaded files ?